Biological Safety Cabinets

ICOM technician replacing a safety glove on a biosafety isolator.
ICOM Mechanical Inc. technician testing airflow inside a biological safety cabinet.
ICOM technician wearing a smock, testing the airflow and pressure inside a barrier isolator.
ICOM technician carrying out repairs on a barrier isolator.

In 2003, ICOM technicians first began receiving official training for the testing of biological safety cabinets (BSCs) by The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). Since then, we have used our accumulated firsthand experience to develop a complete set of our own standard operating procedures for all testing of biological safety cabinets.

And because we have both engineering and service capabilities, our offerings don’t end with certification. We can troubleshoot and repair any biological safety cabinet, and we are listed on every major biological safety cabinet manufacturer’s web site as an authorized repair contractor (e.g. NuAire, Esco, etc).

Our service capabilities in this field extend further, beyond just biological safety cabinets. We also service, test and certify barrier isolators common to pharmacy applications, perform complete testing and certification of chemical fume hoods (including ASHRAE 110 testing), and have a thorough understanding of the HVAC requirements for USP 797 regulations that govern compounding pharmacies. Furthermore, we offer full decontamination services, HEPA replacements, and can carry out any and all repairs to the mechanical components of biological safety cabinets and isolators.

If you have a laboratory that isn’t working appropriately, contact us – we can assist with almost anything in it.

      • Chemical fume hoods (including ASHRAE 110 testing)
      • Biological safety cabinets
      • Barrier isolators
      • USP 797 for compounding pharmacies
      • Decontamination services
      • HEPA / ULPA testing and replacement