The market won’t wait for you to complete your facility.

That’s why ICOM’s Design/Build method can be vital to your bottom line. Design/Build provides the fastest, most efficient way to get facilities or systems online, generating profits. Backed by nearly three decades of success, ICOM’s Design/Build approach focuses the highest level of architectural, contracting and subcontracting services directly on your project.

All participants work as members of the same team. As a result, the lines of communication are clearer and more efficient through every phase of your project; your facility is up and running on schedule; the quality of workmanship is often superior to conventional building methods; and your project is done right the first time.

Design/Build Services

  • Conceptual design & budgeting
  • Preliminary engineering through professional design
  • CAD, BIM / VDC, 3D modeling
  • Plans, permitting, and construction
  • As-built / record drawings