About Us

ICOM is a full-service, Turnkey Design-Build/ Mechanical contractor.

By continuing to strengthen our core of experienced, knowledgeable engineers, technicians, and service personnel, ICOM has grown from a small HVAC system installation and repair company to one of the foremost providers of leading-edge building and maintenance services. As part of our ongoing commitment to finding new ways to serve our customers, our services now also include certification of cleanrooms and safety equipment, such as biological safety cabinets and fume hoods.

Our Corporate Creed

We believe that, above all, people count. We must create an environment that stresses respect for the individual and promotes trust, honesty, and genuine caring for one another, our customers, and our vendors.

We believe that our success is dependent upon doing business fairly, honestly, and ethically. We must always strive to be professional, reliable, and responsible.

We believe our success will best be ensured by preserving the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit upon which this company was created. We must be a leader and a standard-setter in the industry.

We believe attitudes are contagious. We must have a winning attitude that is positive, goal-oriented, result-oriented, and team-oriented.

We believe that in order for our company to continue and flourish we must operate profitably. Our financial stability demands that we maintain high levels of productivity and efficiency. Our internal operations must be well-organized, our personnel must be well trained and we must be open to the changing definition of excellence in management.

Our Mission

We are in business for the purpose of providing a high-quality service to the industrial and commercial community. It is our intention to be fair and ethical in our treatment of customers, employees, stockholders, and vendors.

We intend to make a fair profit by providing mechanical contracting services to our customers, honestly sharing their concern for quality, dependability, and value.

We will create a positive, stimulating, secure work environment emphasizing personal growth and opportunity through the utilization of the diversified talents of our employees. All employees will share in the success of the company.

Our Awards & Recognitions

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