Cut Your Costs by Keeping HVAC Systems Inspected and Up-to-date

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What’s So Important About HVAC Manufacturing Maintenance?

As a building owner, you are probably intimately familiar with general upkeep costs of your property. Lawn care, water, power, air conditioning… the list goes on. If you live in the Bay Area, you could be blowing thousands of dollars a year out your window (and we mean that literally; old or missing insulation is no joke). How else is this money blowing away? It could be that your HVAC Systems aren’t being properly maintained.

Without proper maintenance, your HVAC manufacturing system is going to take a lot of additional energy (aka money) in order to keep your building cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In addition, you will inevitably spend more on HVAC repairs and appliance replacement costs. Typically, one of the largest recurring expenses for a building is the power bill – which is racked up mostly on account of the air conditioning.

On average, you should be having an HVAC maintenance inspection at least twice each year. You should also change the air filters at least every quarter. Bay Area mechanical contractors can help ensure that your HVAC maintenance is done properly and inform you of any potential issues down the road. Additionally, HVAC manufacturing in California is regulated by Title 24, which means it should be taken seriously.

Potential Risks of Ignoring HVAC Manufacturing and Maintenance

The first major risk is mold growth, which can be dangerous to you and the tenants in your building. If you notice any mold growth, or a funky smell around your HVAC unit, call to get an inspection done right away.

Poor air quality is another hazard of neglecting HVAC maintenance. When the air in your building is not circulating properly, in addition to having mold build up, pollutants can also begin circulating and building up in the air. This can cause issues for people with allergies or those who have sensitive lungs.

Costly Repairs are another potential problem of not doing proper maintenance on your HVAC systems. Replacing an entire HVAC system can cost well over $12,000. That’s definitely something you want to avoid doing as long as possible. So make sure you keep up with your HVAC maintenance and avoid these costly risks.

For more information on HVAC Maintenance policy and building codes for the Bay Area, search Title 24. You can also contact our HVAC contractors for any assistance with your heating and cooling systems.

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