Why Sheet Metal Fabrication Is So Important for HVACs

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An HVAC system is almost a mandatory piece of equipment if you live in the Bay Area! HVAC manufacturers certainly do a lot of business, and the sheet metal fabrication San Jose companies produce is an important aspect of creating HVACs, among other products. Sheet metal fabrication is especially important in creating HVAC air ducts that are solid and won’t leak as the air moves throughout the system. So if you’re starting a new HVAC project or service or maintenance project, it’s good to have the best sheet metal fabrication San Jose manufacturers on the job and to know who to call. Besides which, considering that the most efficient HVAC systems should be inspected at least twice a year, that’s plenty of HVACs that potentially might need a new part or to be replaced. 

The Need for HVACs

HVAC manufacturing will always be a steady business — they help moderate the temperatures in our homes and businesses, as well as ventilating and improving air quality. They’re a major factor in keeping us comfortable. Furthermore, HVAC units are a much more efficient method of heating, cooling, and ventilating — previously, there used to be separate units that had to do the different tasks. Now, homes and businesses only need one unit for all three. 

When they’re running smoothly, we might not even be aware of them. However, when something goes wrong, we definitely notice. This is where HVAC service comes in — and if they need repair or to be replaced, they need to turn to the contractors and manufacturers who supply the parts. As we’ll get into more below, sheet metal fabrication is an essential part of creating HVACs. 

How Is Sheet Metal Fabrication Used?

Sheet metal fabrication is most often used to create the ductwork that HVACs rely on. The sheet metal is cut and burned into shapes, often employing tools like band saws, chops saws, hydraulic breaks, and welding tools. In the end, the metal is sand blasted, primed, painted, and further customized to meet what the customer was looking for.

The ducts in an HVAC offer a passageway for the air that moves through an HVAC, whether it’s for ventilation purposes, heat, or cold air. They’re also crucial in assuring that quality air is being provided. Sheet metal fabrication is also especially useful for HVACs, because the metal can be molded into different shapes, depending on what is needed. 

Most ducts also need duct wrap or insulation panels to protect against air loss and to reduce noise. Sheet metal fabrication is also crucial in preparing this element. Good duct work can reduce costs, as well as the amount of energy used. Ideally, this duct work also adheres to Energy Star standards, which is always an appealing option for homes and businesses alike. 

We’ll cover why you should check out sheet metal fabrication San Jose shops for the ductwork you need for your HVAC projects. 

Why Should I Contract With Icom Mechanical?

Going local is always a good idea when you need work done. They’ve likely built up a good reputation in the area, you can cross-check their references, and may have even heard of them through word of mouth. 

A San Jose shop will also likely know the kind of HVAC’s being used in the area and where they’re being fitted, so they’ll have a sense of what kind of custom duct-work is needed. They can also handle custom fabrications of other elements used in the HVAC system like offsets or duct elbows. 

They also may be able to point to local examples of their craftsmanship or big jobs they’ve done if asked for references of examples of past work, which is always a plus. 

If you’re starting up a new HVAC job, it’s important to have good contacts with sheet metal fabricator shops. And going local is even better, if you can, so check out sheet metal fabrication shops in San Jose!

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