How Do I Choose a Design-Build Contractor?

How Do I Choose a Design-Build Contractor?

A design-build contractor employs and works with a single team to both design and construct their client’s project. This structure streamlines the entire process and provides a single source of accountability if something goes wrong. The only question is, how do I choose a design-build contractor? Here’s what you should consider.

Consider Your Project

To find the right contractor, you must consider your project’s needs and what professionals are necessary to design and construct it properly. For example, if you need to install mechanical systems like an HVAC into a pre-existing building, then you’ll want commercial mechanical contractors who have the engineers capable of designing and installing the HVAC and other systems. Finding the right firm with the correct services is the key to creating a thoughtful and functional design.

Interview Prospective Contractors

When you’re searching for contractors, you should always interview them to get a better understanding of their services and experience within their field. Some good questions to ask might pertain to the following:

  • Team – Ask about their employees to find out what kind of professionals you’re working with. You want to ensure their people are all experts at their crafts and not day workers who are learning on the job.
  • Design Process – Inquire about their portfolio and find out how they handle designing a project. A good contractor will stay in close contact and communicate with you to ensure the design is up to your expectations and standards.
  • Construction – Relating to the construction aspect, ask about square footage costs, related experiences, and how much of the work they’ll be delegating to subcontractors versus their own employees.
  • Insurance – If an accident or emergency occurs, you always want to know that the contractor is insured beforehand.

Check Their References

After you’ve picked out a few candidates, request references they’ve received or check online to see what others have to say. A third-party reference is always valuable because it’s the closest thing you’ll get to a completely unbiased review when you’re considering how to choose a design-build contractor. Hearing about the experiences of a contractor’s past clients will tell you if a contractor is truthful and if their work proves they can provide the services they claim.

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