4 Reasons HVAC Contractors Should Be Texting Customers

4 Reasons HVAC Contractors Should Be Texting Customers

Successful commercial contractors do everything in their power to get ahead. Performing quality work isn’t enough; they also need to offer superior customer service. In the age of technology, nothing improves client interactions quite like texting.

This is also true when you’re working with HVAC contractors. There are so many reasons HVAC contractors should be texting customers. If you still need convincing, learn how texting can improve communication.

It’s Accessible to Most People

Almost anyone with a phone has texting capabilities. Gone are the days of paying for each message. Text messages are a valid form of communication because they’re accessible to nearly everyone.

Of course, there are a few outliers. HVAC contractors should still have phone call and email options for people who haven’t embraced text messaging yet. Still, you’ll appreciate the fast and faceless communication that texting provides.

It’s Faster Than Calls or Emails

In any business, time equals money. There’s nothing worse than wasting minutes waiting for someone to pick up their phone or respond to an email. Through texting, you can get real-time updates from an HVAC contractor and have concerns addressed at record speeds.

Quick communication is especially important if you encounter an emergency. When it comes to convenience and efficiency, texting wins over calls and emails every time.

It Puts Everything in Writing

Another reason HVAC contractors should be texting customers is for consistency. Communication breakdowns often happen due to unclear instructions and expectations. By texting, an HVAC contractor can get every important detail in writing.

While it’s possible to do this with email, texting also helps clear up miscommunication quickly. You don’t have to dig in your inbox for clarification. You can trust contractors who are transparent and open to frequent interactions, both of which texting offers.

It Better Serves Customers

Overall, texting customers allows HVAC contractors to give better service. Many contractors use text messages to send updates, confirm appointments, and reschedule services. They can also send marketing materials through text to attract and retain clients.

Some businesses accept payments through texting programs too. Texts can direct customers to the HVAC contractor’s website, and the contractor can send estimates for approval this way. As you can see, texting takes a contractor’s customer service skills to the next level.

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