5 Things To Check Before Calling an HVAC Service Technician

5 Things To Check Before Calling an HVAC Service Technician

Adjusting the thermostat should only result in two things: The temperature increases or decreases depending on the direction you turn the thermostat. However, you might immediately think something is broken when you turn up the heat and nothing changes. That’s a reasonable conclusion to draw, but don’t reach for the phone just yet. Here are five things to check before calling an HVAC service technician.

The Batteries

The problem lies with the batteries more often than you might expect. Many homeowners don’t check the batteries on their thermostats because it’s not on their radar. Other household items, like a remote, require more frequent battery replacements.

If you didn’t replace the thermostat’s batteries after you moved into your home, take that approach first. Thermostat batteries tend to last pretty long, so it’s easy for them to slip your mind. Try replacing the batteries first and see if there are any changes.

The Settings

If you did not have the privilege of originally programming your thermostat, the settings could be giving you trouble. It takes a minute to understand new systems. Currently, your home could be programmed to increase the heat once the house drops below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Turning up the temperature might not override the original command. You might need to change the settings completely and check if your thermostat is set to auto or fan. The fan setting has the system constantly working. When set to auto, it will cut off on its own after reaching the set temperature.

The Filter

Yes, an HVAC technician can check the filter, but do you really want to call them out for a job you’re capable of handling? Homeowners can check their filters for any clogs and replace them with supplies from any local hardware store.

If you have pets or carpeting, you may need to replace the filter many times throughout the year. Mark your calendar to remind yourself when it’s time to check those filters and see if they need cleaning or replacing.

The Power Switches

Someone could have accidentally bumped or messed with the power switch and turned off the circuit breaker. Trust us, it happens more often than you think. Take a trip outside and check the circuit breaker. Make sure it’s safe to touch before testing the switches. They should be labeled so you know which one is for the thermostat. You can find the breaker in either the garage, basement, storage room, or hallway.

The Vent

Finally, you need to take a look at the vent before calling one of our trusted HVAC mechanical contractors at ICOM Mechanical. We are happy to provide you with service, but we want to ensure this problem requires our help.

Check the vents, ducts, and grills for any blockage that could cause an irregular airflow. Remove the blockage and see if that makes a difference.

Check these five things before calling an HVAC service technician. If you’re in the clear, pick up the phone and dial us!

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