Energy Efficiency & the Future of Heating and Cooling Tech

Energy Efficiency & the Future of Heating and Cooling Tech

Innovation lies at the heart of the commercial heating and cooling industry. With both governmental and private interests pressuring experts to increase efficiency and reduce consumption, the only way to improve things is to think big. Technology plays a huge role in upgrading outdated industry practices.

The future of heating and cooling tech tackles energy efficiency problems head-on. This problem-solving doesn’t just reduce businesses’ environmental impact; it also helps them cut costs and boost their brand image. Consider optimizing your commercial HVAC system by keeping these concepts in mind.


Sustainability is the topic of conversation in nearly every industry. Commercial HVAC contractors should pay extra attention since they play a huge role in helping a business conserve energy. In fact, the DOE is increasing regional SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) standards by one in 2023.

HVAC systems need new technology to meet new sustainability requirements. Sensors, geothermal heating, and solar power capabilities will reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Technological innovations will also help businesses conserve energy by reinvesting power into their building.


The future of HVAC technology isn’t just about reducing fossil fuel reliance; it’s looking to eliminate usage altogether. Experts are finding new ways to decarbonize heating and cooling systems by focusing on electricity.

Wind and solar power can generate electricity without consuming non-renewable resources. States that decarbonize their electrical grids do most of the work for commercial buildings. Ask your contractor about their electrical services to optimize your facility’s current system.

Automation and Analysis

The 21st century is all about automation. Motion-sensor HVAC systems will ensure that businesses aren’t wasting energy on unoccupied rooms. Building managers can even control their heating and cooling through apps on their smartphones.

Automatic data software also gives industry experts access to vital information. Property managers and HVAC contractors can see exactly where most of their money is going and how much waste they accumulate. This data helps professionals give informed advice while assisting clients in making educated decisions about their commercial HVAC needs.

Energy efficiency and the future of heating and cooling tech wouldn’t be possible without reliable mechanical contracting services such as ICOM Mechanical. Our expert technicians stay up-to-date on the latest technological developments to help you conserve power. Contact us today to request a quote and review your options!

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