How Smart Thermostats Help HVAC Contractors

How Smart Thermostats Help HVAC Contractors

There’s a reason why homeowners are changing their thermostat systems. Smart thermostats are more convenient and easier to navigate because they do most of the work for the homeowner. But the systems are also beneficial to the professionals who install them. Check out how smart thermostats help HVAC contractors.

Sends Alerts

One of the biggest issues with outdated HVAC systems is predicting when they will stop working. Homeowners need to do some preventative maintenance to ensure their system functions year-round. However, it’s not uncommon for upkeep to slip their minds.

But that’s OK. A smart thermostat will notify the customer and the HVAC contractor when it’s time for a routine check-in. These thermostats can detect potential problems and suggest preventative maintenance. The HVAC contractor will be able to diagnose the problem remotely without making a house call.

Retains Customers

It’s always cheaper to retain customers rather than acquire new ones. In the HVAC business, new clientele can cost anywhere between 200 and 300 dollars. That feels more like losing money than gaining it.

Profitability depends on building a strong relationship with the customer. And that happens with updates, repairs, and routine check-ins to ensure their thermostats are working correctly. Customers will appreciate the contractor’s work, which will create long-term customers.

Offers Rebates

Another great benefit is that the systems often offer rebates. It’s all about keeping your customers happy. Giving your customers a partial refund on their new HVAC systems is no great loss to your business. It’s another method to ensure their loyalty and spread the word.

Rebates are exciting news. Once a customer receives theirs, you don’t know whom they’ll share the information with. It could be a neighbor, family member, or close friend. Either way, you’ve potentially gained more clientele without having to do any work. Mechanical contracting services know these benefits and use them to their advantage.

Here at ICOM Mechanical, we want to offer systems and services that benefit our customers and the overall business. Smart thermostats are a win-win because they help homeowners and HVAC contractors. For more information, visit our website.

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