The Benefits of Custom Duct Fabrication

The Benefits of Custom Duct Fabrication

Silicon Valley is on the world’s technological forefront. The processes and procedures businesses explore here in the shadow of San Francisco go on to shape our entire world and way of life. When it comes to work that takes technology from the virtual to the tangible, the novelty and proprietary nature of your work means that a one-size-fits-all approach to your facility doesn’t fit at all. Your facility all but requires an HVAC system built to specifications particular to your industry’s location. Here are a few of the benefits of custom duct fabrication to consider.

Harder-Working HVAC

One way our industry uses physical space in Northern California is for consolidated data centers. Data centers are highly sensitive to dust and detritus, so any failure to your hardware is an outcome you can ill afford. By designing and building an HVAC system that can work in conjunction with industrial-strength HEPA filters that work harder than their residential counterparts, you can ensure airborne particles won’t compromise the operations of your system. Your space may not have been originally designed for sensitive hardware operations. Don’t assume that what came with the building is up to the task.

Increased Efficiency

Working with computers and sensitive electronics can have you feeling like Goldilocks, always aware of what’s too hot and too cold. A custom HVAC system will make it much easier to find the temperature that’s just right. By having mechanical contractors design and build the ductwork for your facility, you can avoid another Goldilocks scenario by not relying on ducts that are too large or too small. Custom duct fabrication will ensure efficient airflow through your ducts, which means an accurate temperature is easier to maintain and your thermostat won’t have to work so hard.

Built To Last

The top benefit of custom duct fabrication is unparalleled durability. Homeowners and tenants of commercial facilities alike take the strength of metal for granted when it comes to their ductwork when—in fact, important areas such as seams and joints can be quite fragile and susceptible to damage, especially when contractors installed them in a hurry. At ICOM Mechanical, our commercial mechanical contractors take fabrication and installation seriously, ensuring your HVAC systems will work efficiently and effectively for many years. Best of all, whenever you suspect your system may need a periodic tune-up or a second look, the same people who installed your system are available to revisit the job and keep your facility functioning at its best.

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