5 Design Tips To Consider for a Cleanroom

5 Design Tips To Consider for a Cleanroom

When building a cleanroom, there are many things you’ll need to keep in mind. Various factors contribute to a cleanroom’s controlled environment, which is essential for keeping contamination at bay.

Businesses in countless industries need sanitized facilities to handle vulnerable projects. However, these unique locations require a little more thought than your average building. Consider these cleanroom design tips to create an efficient workplace.

Consider Budget

Your budget will determine the type of cleanroom you can build and all its features. Wall types, equipment, classifications—all of these things cost money. Thus, you should establish a budget with your contractor at the beginning of the project to guide you through the designing and building process.

Consider Airflow

Airflow is one of the most important factors to consider when designing a cleanroom. You need to build your cleanroom features in a way that doesn’t obstruct airflow and disturb contaminants. From desk placements to entrances and exits, everything matters.

Consider Temperature

Another design tip to consider for a cleanroom is temperature. You’ll need to create a cleanroom that can maintain a steady temperature that doesn’t interfere with your projects. Be mindful of equipment that produces excess heat and raises humidity levels, as these factors can lead to mold growth and compromise your sensitive materials.

Consider Filters

Air quality is perhaps the most important factor when building a cleanroom. HEPA filters extract nearly 100 percent of microscopic particles from the air to keep your environment immaculate. Small bits of dust and debris can settle into crevices and disturb projects, so install an HVAC system that can accommodate specific filters.

Consider Workflow

Of course, you also need to keep the human element in mind. Accomplishing goals and producing high-quality work is challenging in an uncomfortable environment. Staff should be able to move around and access materials freely. Design your cleanroom with workflow in mind to create an efficient space.

Building the perfect cleanroom for your facility is no easy task. If you’re worried about designing a cleanroom the right way, contact reliable commercial mechanical contractors like ICOM. Our certified professionals will consider your budget and create a cleanroom that meets all of your professional needs.

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