The Different Industries That Use Process Piping

Process piping is one of the most precise and complex systems in industrial facilities. While process piping may appear like plumbing due to its pipes and valves, it’s vastly different. In general, process piping changes liquids, chemicals, and gases into a usable substance. If you’d like to learn the different industries that use process piping, we’ve got you covered in our guide below.

Food and Beverage

Few industries depend on the safety and raw materials more than the food and beverage industry. Process piping serves manufacturers by keeping oils, syrups, sauces, and other materials separate from other ingredients. In other words, process piping helps food and beverage makers avoid cross-contamination by keeping a facility’s ingredients apart in sanitary piping. Moreover, process piping helps food and beverage processing plants remain sanitary so they can meet or exceed FDA requirements.


Gas and oil refineries are one of the most common industries that use process piping, and rightfully so. The process of making different types of oils is time-consuming, and manufacturers can’t afford to remake products. In fact, efficiency and accuracy are crucial in the petroleum industry because the wrong oil can damage engines. Additionally, the wrong lubricant can result in permanent damage to industrial machinery. Process piping helps gas and oil refineries ensure each type of oil remains separate, allowing them to avoid lawsuits from packaging the wrong oil or accidental spills.

Aerospace Manufacturing

Much like the petroleum industry, aerospace manufacturing requires that fuel and lubricants remain separate for peak efficiency. Aerospace facilities regularly install process piping at their facilities so they can store materials and reduce manufacturing time. Additionally, the aerospace industry has been searching for sustainable practices in recent years, which process piping supports by reducing spills and waste. Finally, process piping keeps water and fuel separate—a mixture that could do serious damage to the engine of an airplane, helicopter, or spacecraft.

There are dozens of other industries that use process piping, in addition to the three mentioned above. If you need to install process piping or maintenance at your company, you shouldn’t attempt to perform the installation or maintenance yourself. Process piping is an extremely complex system that requires professional attention.

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