The Main Benefits of a Building Automation System

Whether you run your enterprise from a commercial, industrial, or educational building, you should consider installing a building automation system (BAS). Automating the HVAC throughout your building makes maintenance easier on you, and there are plenty of benefits. Take a look at the main benefits of a building automation system below.

You’ll Save Money Over Time

By having your building’s HVAC automated, you will significantly reduce energy costs. For instance, a building automation system heats or cools your building at specific times of days, or specific rooms. For instance, let’s say you have a building with multiple floors, and your first shift of workers start on the top floor. Because the other floors are unoccupied until later in the day, there’s no reason to heat and cool empty floors, potentially wasting a great deal of money.

Increased Comfort and Productivity

Building automation systems operate with a series of sensors, timers, and more, all of which help regulate the building’s temperature and lighting. From a business perspective, a comfortable building is one of the main benefits of a building automation system. Studies have shown that the temperature of a building can impact workers’ productivity. If you incorporate a BAS, your workers will likely be happier, more comfortable, and more productive.

Enhanced Building Security

Security is among the top concerns for any business, and rightfully so, so securing the building itself should be a priority for any business to avoid break-ins and suspicious activity. A BAS can utilize its sensors to notify you if something is wrong. Additionally, you can receive notifications about an open window or a door that didn’t shut entirely. Not only does a BAS help you monitor building security, but automated systems also help you avoid triggering false alarms that interrupt workers.

Whether you’re a small business in a shared space or a large Silicon Valley tech company, you need a building automation system. However, some individuals are skeptical about installing a building automation system because of maintenance. The truth is, an automation system doesn’t require much more maintenance than any other system, and if you only use certified contractors for maintenance, you should be fine.

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