Cleanroom Contractors

In today’s energy-conscious world, the preconception that cleanrooms cannot operate efficiently no longer holds true. The energy-efficient, cost-effective building of cleanroom areas requires in-depth experience in several important areas of design and construction. For this reason, it’s imperative that you find a trustworthy cleanroom construction company with experienced cleanroom builders who capably perform this task.

Our company is one of the nation’s premier cleanroom contractors, and we have been designing, constructing, and remodeling cleanrooms for over 40 years.

  • Expertise in all types of cleanrooms, from standard gasketed t-bar ceiling styles to negative pressure/fan filter cleanrooms and full track gel grid systems.
  • Experience working in every variety of cleanroom, from high tech semiconductor plants to FDA-regulated cGMP aseptic pharmaceutical cleanrooms. ICOM has a keen understanding of every aspect necessary for quality cleanroom design and operation, from the construction of the rooms themselves to the processes that are required to support the systems and tools in them.
  • Over 40 years of experience installing piping systems capable of transporting, vacuuming, and exhausting a whole host of various gases and caustic, toxic substances.

Furthermore, our Bay Area cleanroom contractors fully understand the importance of proper sheet metal installation. The on-site capability to provide full-service sheet metal production, fabrication, and installation is an important element in a properly functioning cleanroom.

We have the cleanroom contractors with the experience and knowledge to bring together all of the key elements – design, piping, sheet metal, controls/automation, and HVAC systems – necessary to build or modify your cleanroom in the shortest possible time. We can provide any one of the phases or complete turnkey services on cleanrooms ranging from ISO Class 1-9 (Formerly FS 209E Class 1-100,000). Additionally, with all of our experience in building and maintaining cleanrooms, we can look at any cleanroom that may not be performing properly and identify and correct any deficiencies.

And because we follow NEBB principles when testing and certifying cleanrooms, our Bay Area cleanroom installation service team fully understands all of the stringent and specific requirements necessary for passing ISO-14644, FS209e, and IEST testing criteria. This also allows us to offer cleanroom certification as a service; we can provide certification of third-party cleanrooms and certify our own installations. Additionally, our cleanroom design and construction team members have held positions on the NEBB national cleanroom committee and various other important, standard-setting bodies, giving us a unique perspective on the industry.