Commercial HVAC Design & Installation in the Bay Area

The market won’t wait for you to complete your facility.

That’s why ICOM’s commercial HVAC design and installation in the Bay Area can be vital to your bottom line. Utilizing an experienced HVAC design team is essential if you wish to achieve fast, reliable results. Our team efficiently works to get facilities or systems online so that you can generate profits as soon as possible. Backed by nearly three decades of success, ICOM’s commercial HVAC design and installation approach focuses on the highest level of architectural, contracting, and subcontracting services directly on your project.

All participants work as members of the same team. As a result, the lines of communication between the HVAC design service team and the HVAC installation service team are clearer and more efficient through every phase of your project; your facility is up and running on schedule; the quality of workmanship is often superior to conventional building methods, and your project is done right the first time.


  • Conceptual design & budgeting: Our team works tirelessly to create a design that will fit in your budget and provide you with the most cost-efficient methods when laying out your location’s design.
  • Preliminary engineering through professional design: We utilize engineering services to ensure the design process is feasible and optimized to the best extent.
  • CAD, BIM / VDC, 3D modeling: This ensures our design will work seamlessly and help ensure its success through predictive abilities, as well as make any necessary adjustments to the design.
  • Plans, permitting, and construction: We obtain the proper approval to get the job done within local requirements. Then, we perform the HAVC installation after receiving final approval and proper permits.
  • As-built / record drawings: This is provided to you based on final product due to any unforeseen material or design changes.

Reach out to ICOM today to learn more about our HVAC contractor services.