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Cleanrooms, biological safety cabinets, fume hoods, gas cabinets, and backflow preventers are all governed by agencies that require periodic testing. In order to ensure the work being performed at your facility meets the current standards, it is imperative to select a qualified service provider.

ICOM Mechanical Inc. has become certified to perform all of the required testing. Each of the bodies that certify these service providers require continuing education and periodic recertification.

Our service technicians are highly trained professionals that specialize in providing total systems service and support. ICOM is a certified TABB contractor (Testing and Balancing Bureau), is a member of both IEST (Institute of Environmental Sciences) and CETA (Controlled Environmental Testing Association), and has an NSF Accredited Biosafety Cabinet Field Certifier on staff.

Additionally, all ICOM technicians have extensive training and experience in the practices and test procedures established by NEBB (National Environmental Balancing Burea) and IEST. In addition, all of our technicians have successfully completed rigorous written and practical training in accordance with industry-accepted standards. Because ICOM takes the know-how of its technicians seriously, you are ensured both agency compliance and quality service.

To further supplement the official curriculum of the above-mentioned agencies and ensure our employees are among the top in the industry, we have also instituted numerous internal training programs, covering such subjects as:

  • Certification of Containment, Clean Air Devices and Cleanrooms
  • Air Balancing
  • Decontamination of Biological Safety Cabinets
  • Room Decontaminations using Chlorine Dioxide Validation
  • ASHRAE Std. 110 Chemical Fume Hood Testing
  • Occupational Safety and Health

All testing is performed in accordance with established ICOM Mechanical Inc. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs – ask us to see them, we will show you!) and in compliance with the applicable regulations and standards developed by:

  • ISO 14644.1 or FS209E and the IEST – Cleanroom Certification
  • NSF 2002-49 – Biological Safety Cabinet Certifications
  • TGO – Gas Cabinet Certifications
  • ASHRAE 110/1995 – Laboratory Fume Hood Certification
  • ASSE/AWWI – Backflow Preventers Certification
  • TABB, NEBB – Certified Air and Water Balance
  • AIHA
  • CDC

We provide each client with a thorough, certified report that details the test procedures, results, and conclusions of each and every certification we perform. Our ability to listen to our clients’ needs and make them a priority is one of our most important goals in everything we do.