Adrian Quinto, P.E.

Project Executive

Adrian Quinto, P.E.

When I went to school to study mechanical engineering, I expected to enjoy what I do. Yet, I could never have known how enjoyable it is to work with different clients—each unique in their needs and perspectives.

My position with ICOM as Project Executive and Project Manager gives me an exceptional opportunity to use my education to build things that are lasting. There’s so much collective experience to tap into. On every project, it’s fun to bring our collective knowledge to the table.

It’s important for me to ask the right questions—to coax out those essential answers from of our customers. Why? Because I want every building I work on to meet our client’s needs.

It doesn’t matter that my work isn’t upfront and visual. It’s fulfilling because my contribution makes the buildings I work on functional long into the future. I want to drive past with a sense of pride 30 years from now. I want so say I looked out for the blind spots (those things our clients didn’t realize they needed), and that I kept my projects on time and under budget.