Darren Call, P.E.

Project Executive

Darren Call, P.E.

When I came to ICOM in 2014, my primary experience was working on large OSHPD healthcare facilities. In the five years since, I’ve been the Senior Project Manager for school campuses, office buildings, labs, and residential building projects. With each project, my passion for what I do has grown.

It’s satisfying to drive past a current or previous job and be able to say, “Look, that’s my job site.” As a result, I like working for ICOM. It’s a company that doesn’t ask me to cut corners. I resonate with doing things right the first time, at a fair price, on time.

Delivering successful project outcomes began with an engineering degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. The detailed orientation from that degree continues to be an asset. However, it takes more for our customers to benefit from working with us. They need me to be accessible whether their role on a project is general contractor, owner, subcontractor, or vendor. When they call, they usually need something fast!

As a result, constant communication is my ongoing commitment. Transparency, too. Solving schedule and costs concerns—they always arise—creatively, yet without compromise to quality. These are obligations I embrace because they foster successful outcomes.

These commitments will continue to be a compass as I move into my role as Project Executive.