Don Isaacson, P.E.

Founder / Mentor

Don Isaacson, P.E.

When I founded ICOM in 1981, my vision was to create an exceptional Design/Build firm. With integrity as our foundation, I gathered a team capable of delivering engineering, construction, and maintenance excellence. We have served the industrial, high tech, and commercial markets of Silicon Valley successfully ever since.

Many projects during those years began with a blank piece of paper and a room full of decision-makers determining what needed to fit in the space. Problems arose, yet we solved each one by combining engineering knowledge and creative abilities.

Our end designs continue to be highly functional. So, even though the technologies we use, and the mix of industrial and commercial users is changing, we continue adapting. Creativity has been a key component of our design model, and we transfer our knowledge to new applications.

We agree that ‘on time’ and ‘on a budget’ remain important. Yet, creativity makes things happen. It’s the merger between engineering expertise and creativity that has kept ICOM relevant all these years. Many successful and complex projects stand tribute to this.

Today, we are adding new younger partners to carry on ICOM’s tradition of exceptional service to our customers. However, our values remain constant—uncompromising standards of quality, honesty, and integrity. This means we will continue to accurately define our customer’s needs. And we will maintain the company culture where every team member has the necessary tools, support, and training they need to remain highly skilled at what they do.

It’s a great pleasure to assist and mentor the ICOM team of the future.