Thai Pham, P.E.

Vice President / Secretary

Thai Pham, P.E.

While technologies have changed, the basic values behind quality service never will.ICOMisbuilton quality from its inception in 1981, and it will always be our focus. As VP of Operations, I’m privileged to work in lock-step with a team that shares these values.

Having pride in what we do—that’s something I demand of myself and the people who work with me.

One way we express that is through the way we keep our customers updated. Withallthenew forms of communication today, we still prefer face to face interactions. Meeting in person is timeless. It inspires the best ideas.

We must be agile, adapting to changes while maintaining our standards. Our goal is to provide effective designs of real value. In addition, our team members are committed to meeting our client’s needs for long-term dependable performance and timely completion of their projects.