Tom Glace

Operations Manager

Tom Glace

When I chose HVAC for my career, I stepped into a job I truly believe I was born to do. Every day is an opportunity to prove worthy of the trust placed in me.

From managing our vehicle fleet and building operations to procuring and nurturing the right talent, my daily goal is to empower our service department to exceed our customer’s expectations. I earned my A.S. in HVAC and became a Journeyman Technician. I brought 10 years’ experience in the trade when I joined ICOM in 2000 as Chief Engineer for their mid-rise office buildings. In2006, I began managing maintenance at one of the Bay Area’s largest data centers. I am honored to be leading some of the best-trained techs in Silicon Valley.

Their dedication to being there for our customers inspires me. Most of the time, they have the answers our customers need. And when they don’t, I’m more than a resource for my service team.
Each of our service customers has my cell number and can call me directly 24/7. I’mexcitedto to see our service department growing. As I grow the team, I’m committed to nurturing our people.

That way they’ll continue thriving on taking great care of the hi-tech community and providing dependable service to the Bay Area’scommercial and industrial properties.