Tom Radich (Retired)


Tom Radich

When I began working for ICOM in 1988 as the Piping Superintendent, we worked mostly as the primary contractor on design and construction projects in the semiconductor and high tech industries, providing ongoing maintenance and repair services to our projects. We also worked with end-users who needed a building improvement in an existing structure or to expand their facility.

Today, we’re performing more sub-contract work for General Contractors in commercial office buildings, schools, and multi-unit residential buildings. There are significant differences between industrial work, yet the diverse experiences of Vijay Singh, Thai Pham, and other team members have given us the unique skillset necessary to retain our solid reputation.

We’ve completed some very difficult projects since I joined ICOM. My field experience—coupled with my field personnel management, estimating, project management, and engineering experience—has given me the ability to complete practical system designs that can be constructed and installed as engineered. It has also given me the ability to solve system problems, evaluate systems that do not function properly and implement solutions to correct the functional issues of a system.

However, I haven’t done it alone. If we’ve shown an exceptional ability to solve difficult design and installation problems for our industrial customers, it’s because of ICOM’s team. Our younger employees bring new ideas, even as they come to me as a resource for answering their questions and solving problems.