Vijay Singh, P.E

CEO / Business Development

Vijay Singh, P.E

When I joined ICOM in 2014, it was the integrity and commitment of founder Don Issacson that attracted me to the company. I saw his vision of service reflected in every aspect of the business—in the way he mentored employees to the quality of the company’s design/build services.

Our industry is close-knit. People have worked with each other—sometimes for a lifetime. Thus success is often measured by how well you work with the other people who are part of the project and are on the team seeking to achieve a common goal. The success of a project is the success of each team member and their contributions to the project.

This is what makes working in this industry enjoyable. Whether we’re the design-build team, or we’re on the design-assist or plan-spec team, we bring the same spirit to the table. Hard work and cooperation make projects successful, and the longer I’ve worked in this industry, the more I appreciate the value of collaboration.

We began as a client direct industrial design-build mechanical contractor with a 24/7 full-service maintenance department. We’re expanding to provide industrial and commercial design-build contracting services to general contractors and business owners who need HVAC, plumbing, and process piping design-build services.
No matter how much ICOM diversifies its services, our commitment to quality service will remain central. People succeed by helping each other, not at the expense of each other. We will thrive as long as we support our customer’s success.