5 Signs Your HVAC System Isn’t Strong Enough

5 Signs Your HVAC System Isn’t Strong Enough

There’s nothing worse than working in an uncomfortable, sweltering workplace. Now that spring is at the door, assessing your facility’s HVAC system should be at the top of your to-do list. Don’t wait until summer is in full swing to replace your AC units. Here are five signs your HVAC system isn’t strong enough for your establishment.

Rising Indoor Temperatures

The most obvious sign of a weak HVAC system is high indoor temperatures. If your AC units aren’t cooling your interior, they might not be strong enough for the size of your facility. The right HVAC system will have no issue keeping your building at a comfortable temperature, so you might need to consider a replacement if it’s too hot inside.

High Indoor Humidity

HVAC systems don’t just remove excess heat from commercial buildings; they also absorb excess moisture from the air. Excess humidity leaves everyone feeling sticky and uncomfortable and may increase mold and mildew growth in your facility. High indoor humidity is a tell-tale sign your HVAC system isn’t strong enough, so address this issue before it becomes a real problem.

Constant Continuous Cycles

Air conditioners run on intermittent cycles. Your HVAC system will run until the interior reaches the desired temperature and won’t start again until it starts getting warmer. However, if your units are too small for your building, they might never have the opportunity to take a break. If your HVAC system runs in constant, continuous cycles, you’ll need to contact professionals to assess your current units.

Increased Utility Costs

While a slight fluctuation in price isn’t uncommon as the seasons change, a significant price increase should tell you that there’s a problem with your heating and cooling. A constantly running HVAC system drives utility costs up exponentially. You’ll know if your AC units are too weak for your building if your monthly bills are way higher than expected.

Inconsistent Temperatures

Are there some locations in your facility that stay warmer than others? If so, your air conditioner might be too small or too weak for your building. Aside from kitchens and laundry areas, your building’s interior should maintain a constant, comfortable temperature. A reliable HVAC system will have the capacity to cool every square inch of your facility with ease.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs in your HVAC system, contact reliable commercial mechanical contractors like ICOM Mechanical. We can fit you with strong and sturdy units to keep things comfortable as temperatures rise.

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