Is Elon Musk Planning on Getting Into the HVAC Business?

Is Elon Musk Planning on Getting Into the HVAC Business?

The famous billionaire Elon Musk made his fortune through a few different avenues. The most popular one people know about today is Tesla. These cars are the future, and riding in one definitely feels like it. His latest conquest was the ever-popular social media platform Twitter.

No one really knows what the new ownership means, but people are still talking about it. Now people are asking, “Is Elon Musk planning on getting into the HVAC business?” Read on to find out.

Current Systems

A lot of homes have made the switch to smart thermostats. These thermostats work like other forms of smart technology. Homeowners can control the temperature from their phones even if they are nowhere near their homes.

Furthermore, the technology is more energy efficient. Smart thermostats can decide when to lower the temperature of the home so the heat or AC is not running unnecessarily. It also detects when people are occupying the home. If it’s empty, the thermostat will lower the temperature to conserve energy.

Tesla Buzz

The discussion of Elon Musk and HVAC systems circulates around Tesla technology. Musk plans to build an efficient and quiet HVAC system that will mimic and reflect the technology used in the newest Tesla Model Y.

It’s different from the previous models because it uses a heat pump, whereas the other models used heat resistance. The new pump comes with a compressor, chiller, and liquid-cooled condenser. Musk’s main goal is to make the process quieter and more efficient. Thermostats don’t make unbearable noise now, but you can hear when the temperature cuts on and off inside a home.

New Improvements

Musk hopes to create communication between Tesla vehicles and home climate systems. The thermostat will know when the resident gets home and change the temperature of the house for their convenience.

Additionally, the system will come with a HEPA filter. A HEPA filter traps small and harmful particles like pollen, smoke, dust mites, and pet dander. Then, it forces air through a fine mesh. Locate a commercial mechanical contractor and ask what information they have about these filters and the potential upgrades that could come with the system.

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