Top Benefits of HVAC Preventive Maintenance

When you install HVAC units in your commercial building, your workers or tenants will be much happier and more productive. However, there’s no denying that commercial HVAC systems are expensive, so you’ll naturally want to protect that investment. You can do that through preventive maintenance. This not only allows you to protect your investment but also provides several other benefits. If you’d like to learn the top benefits of HVAC preventive maintenance, our experts discuss several of these benefits below.

You’ll save on energy costs

In an industrial business, few costs add up more than energy use. Because energy is an important factor to consider, most manufacturers design commercial HVAC systems with energy-efficiency in mind. Most commercial HVAC units are durable and built to last, but they’re only as good as their maintenance routines. If you don’t regularly maintain and clean the unit, its efficiency will decrease, and your energy use will increase.

The air quality will improve

As a business owner, you’re responsible for your employees, and that includes their health when they’re at work. Poor air quality can affect your employee’s health and cause them to call in sick more often. In fact, OSHA has found that indoor air quality can lead to various symptoms such as headaches, trouble focusing, and respiratory issues. In other words, if you keep up with basic cleaning and repairs, you improve your facility’s air quality and help your workers stay healthy.

You’ll reduce or eliminate the need for costly repairs

A commercial HVAC system is similar to any other piece of industrial equipment—it needs maintenance to avoid breaking down. Regular professional maintenance will significantly reduce the chances of unexpected expenses. In some cases, the unit merely needs a deep clean; other times, a component of the unit may have gone bad. You probably wouldn’t catch a faulty component, but a professional service mechanic would.

You’ll significantly extend the unit’s life span

As with any investment, businesses want to get the most return on their investment, or ROI. You won’t have a very good ROI if your investment doesn’t last. Most commercial HVAC units are manufactured to last at least 10 years, so you wouldn’t be very happy if you experienced significant problems before then. Preventive maintenance will help you protect your investment and earn a higher ROI because you’re helping the unit operate at peak efficiency.

Whether you recently installed a new HVAC system or you’re planning to in the future, there’s no question that there are many benefits of HVAC preventive maintenance. You could perform some general maintenance on your own, such as cleaning around the unit, but you’re going to get the best results by hiring a professional. A professional mechanical contractor will inspect your unit and get it back to working at its best.

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